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download chrome version 24.9


1. First, download the Chrome version 24.0 installer file on THIS LINK

2. Next, you need to uninstall the current Chrome version. Do that in the Control Panel (Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program)

3. Once uninstalled, you need to remove the Chrome user folder associated with that version as well. The latest version of Chrome is version 49.

Press the Windows logo key and R key on your keyboard at the same time. That will display the Run box. There type:

and press Enter.

When a new window opens, double-click the folder named Google. There you should see the sub-folder named Chrome. You need to delete, move or just rename that folder so that it cannot be used with the older version of Chrome. I suggest renaming it to something like Chrome_v49 so that you can keep it in case you need to use the latest version of Chrome in the future.

4. Once everything associated with the latest version of Chrome has been removed, you need to disconnect the Internet before running the version 24 installer. If you don't, the installer will check for the latest version and install that one instead. It looks like Google doesn't want users to have older versions of Chrome installed. It wasn't easy to locate the installer for this older version

5. So, disconnect the Internet and run the version 24 installer. Once installed, start Chrome and click on the button with 3 lines located in the upper right corner and then click About Google Chrome. It should say Version 24.0.1312.52

6. Before connecting to the Internet and start using the version 24.0, you need to disable the automatic updater. If you don't, Chrome will automatically update to the latest version within 24 hours. You can disable it in the Task Scheduler.

Press the Windows logo key and R key on your keyboard at the same time. That will display the Run box. There type:

control schedtasks

and press Enter. Make sure to put space between those two words. The Task Scheduler window will open. Click on Task Scheduler (Library) located in the upper left corner. In case you don't see it, double-click on Task Scheduler (Local). You will now see several items listed on the right. Locate the items whose names start with "GoogleUpdateTaskUser" and delete them all by right-clicking and selecting Delete. Confirm by clicking Yes.

7. Finally, connect to the Internet and you can now start using the version 24.0. Just make sure not to click on "About Google Chrome" while connected to the Internet, since Chrome will automatically start looking for the latest version and update to it.